Feb 21, 2013

first day of internship...

You know that perfect car smell? The scent of dry mud and country vet mixed together with rainy-day air and squeaking of wellies on the gas pedal as the jeep climbs up the dirt road.

I needed this. I needed reminder why I'm doing this, why I'm still at school, struggling and fighting.

People often ask - small animals or large animals? And I say production animals 100% (I'm not really a horse-kind-of-girl, never been) - and they ask why, and I have hard time answering. I honestly don't know - that's what I usually say.
And today I remembered. Because this is what I want. I want dirty car with trunk full of medical supplies, I want green hunter boots and dark blue thousand times washed work clothes.

we were walking into the stable where they keep sheep and goats here at UTAD. There's a sheep who was lambing yesterday but both of the lambs were unfortunately dead.
Now she needs antibiotics and some painkillers. Both Intramuscular.
And the vet hands me one of the syringes with ATB and asks if I WANT to do it.
Now - perks of studying veterinary medicine at our university (heavy sarcasm here) is that I'm in the forth year and never did I give any intramuscular injections to live animal. I know, stupid.
I remember giving injections to cows in Ireland - but all subcutaneous.
I did bend few needles that day...

Yes, I could get some internship during summer vacation - right? - well, I choose to spend those 3 weeks of free time I had in the last 4 years with my kids.

And so I'm standing there awkwardly holding the syringe in my hand.
"Well, I've never..." - I start but he interrupts me. "Alright, so you have to do it."

And may I point out that the sheep didn't even move? - apparently my technique for injections improved during the years. No bent needles today, just one sheep who will get better.

We also watched a vet pulling out parasites from under the third eyelid of two dogs. I will spare you of the detailed description.

It was a good day.

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