Jan 16, 2013

some more of my Nick Miller and fine dining

you know what's perfection? - a man riding a horse in button-down shirt, with wayfarer sunglasses.

I mean, come on! that can't be real - he looks too perfect. I have to stop stalking people on facebook.

/yes, I chew on the straws - every single time. get used to it/

...I'm high on energy drink - second night in a row - yeah, I'm badass like that...and so I sit here, singing along to Hillbilly Highway from Steve Earle, with winter hat on and dreaming.
I do that a lot. - the dreaming - not the sitting inside in winter hats.

I found myself standing in front of the mirror the other night, thinking I need a change. So I tried to comb my hair to the other side, but it didn't quite work, so I combed it right back the way I always do.
Because that's not a change which would matter. I want something bigger.

we used to have this quote painted on the wall of the office when I first met my kids, and every morning I would walk in there with my flashlight on to get the medication for my little ones and it woke me up, even though I felt like sleeping few more hours.

I miss my kids. and cold african mornings. warm chai and bread.

back to the funny energy-drink-high-me : I just ate half-pound of cheese with a packet of M*Donald's ketchup I had in my backpack from Portugal. Hey, imported ketchup - that's some pretty fine dining.

my butt hurts from this old chair I have in dorm room.

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