Jan 12, 2013

Fresh start

new semester is about to start (I pretend those few weeks of exams separating us from the fresh start won't happen).

I'm moving back to school this monday. No, not back to my portuguese Nick Miller, no.
back to before portugal school...which sucks.

yay! I can imagine the genuine smile on the face of my new roommate, when she realizes that that empty bed in her room will be mine.
who wouldn't want to exchange a single room with fancy extra bed  - for me as a roommate?! 
I know all of you would love that, but she doesn't know how...special...I am.

let's hope she likes everything crochet/knitted....because that's kind of my thing.
So far I was lucky and had two awesome roommates - randomly chosen by that lady down in that mysterious office with all the keys. 
/not counting my flat-mates - who were awesome but I knew they will be because I chose them myself/

so I'm standing in front of my wardrobe, looking for a PJ pants to take with me. decisions decisions.
do I take that extra cute pair of shorts I love or long boring pants to sleep in?
long it is. my legs look like I stole them from some hobbit and there's no time or energy to do something about it.
forget about shaving, my Nick Miller lives on the other side of the europe, plus it's not spring yet so, let's move on...

my best friend won't be there to have a glass of ice coffee with my and talk about boys, dreams and stupid exams.

I have plans - as my faithful readers know from the resolutions post.
start eating raw again and stick with it.
drink water, run and exercise. and maybe I'll join the project of CARE - Walk in her shoes
and less clutter in my room.
-who knows if my roommate will be as awesome as those from the past and learn to live with my mess...no, I know. Keep it clean and purposeful. I've learned to live with minimum of things these past few months. But living without my Nick Miller...oh my...

do you know he deleted his fb account for a while and I panicked? - well, maybe it was just some facebook funky error but... I like to think he signed back in  because of me - yeah, I told you we'll have beautiful babies one day.

and so I open another box of chocolate milk at 11p.m. and think:

"let's do this".
Fresh start 

I need a bunting for my dorm room.

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