Dec 15, 2012

Nick Miller

I do have a crush not a crush, I never get a crush. Once I like someone, it's head over heels - down from the red bridge falling in love. 
(the red bridge is a bridge here, which most of the UTAD students cross on the way to school, don't worry, you're not supposed to know it)
But I've learned from my mistakes. it takes too damn long to get over someone once I let myself fall in love.

And so I do try to stay away, and I don't let myself think about how much he looks like Nick Miller and how his eyes shine when he smiles.
(Nick Miller from New Girl - you are supposed to know him)
oh Nick Miller, what did you do to me?

and so here I am, after failed attempt to stay away, I totally fell. Down from that stupid bridge under which he lives, although I have no idea where exactly...too bad, I know. 

And I did spend two of our exams staring at him, and yes, I do find it cute when he scratches his cheek - oh that stubble.

And he wears black socks ...and for no reason at all I find them sexy = like what's wrong with me? every man on this planet wears black socks!

And the way he writes with his left hand is just killing me. I could watch him write forever, and then sometimes he stops and looks into the space, trying to remember the answer... and now I sound like some creepy stalker. I am not. 
it's just ... aaaagrh so frustrating.

Nick Miller, it is all your fault, even though you don't even know I exist.

and it's totally like in the song 

Oh the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms
Was it love or fear of the cold that led us through the night?
For every kiss your beauty trumped my doubt

And my head told my heart
"Let love grow"
But my heart told my head
"This time no"

but silly head didn't listen to my heart, so it's gonna be broken again. by even more handsome and awesome man this time. 

And is it worth it? totally. every single time.

would I marry him? 

absolutely , we would make beautiful babies. 

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