Jul 10, 2012

thaitee Love - ode to wide pants and etsy shopping

About Thaitee
welcome to ThaiTee
My little shop, I'm living in the 3rd largest city of Thailand called "Na-Khon-Rat-Cha-Si-Ma" located in North-East Thailand.
NakhonRatchasima province has engaged in cloth weaving, which has become their main handicraft handed down over the years. Originally, the residents grow mulberries and raise silkworms to produce yarn for their own community and are therefore able to produce their silk products on a full-cycle basis and other fabrics. 
Afterward, we were thinking "why don't we just make something to support our local community" then we decide to do it so 

I've always wanted wide pants. I loved the way they look and I loved the idea of comfy cotton pants, breezy enough for summer, but at the same time made of strong material to last forever :)

 I don't know about forever, but I had my first pair for two years, they were washed many times and they still look the same - or maybe even better - softer from the washing but still with the same vibrant colors.
I even wear them in winter with knee-high socks and shorts underneath here
and sometimes (just sometimes) I just pull them on top of my PJs (on cold winter monday mornings when you don't feel like changing from your pajamas)

then I've ordered another pair (this spring). They are wider and made of softer cotton, more... more pliable? - is that a word in English? :D and I love them just the same, and they are turquoise!

then just yesterday I found this awesome bag in their shop! I wanted one red bag from thaitee but it was already sold when I went to etsy later that day. - good stuff sells fast!
so now, I snatched this one before anyone else! yay! I can see myself carrying school books in it...or maybe fruits from the market next time I go to africa?

and thaitee is on facebook ...now, you know I don't use facebook much but I do ventured over there from time to time and they posted new photos on their profile and I fell in love with these:)
as they weren't listed yet, I quickly wrote a message to thaitee and they reserved them for me! isn't that sweet?!

now, I know I already have one pair and they are still in perfect condition but... oh I really loved this combination of colors - and now I have one of each - blue (the turquoise pair) red (the first red-orange pair ever) and now there brown/green beauties.
I'm not into shopping usually, and it's quite hard to find something I really like - the ind of I HAVE TO GET THIS like, because most of the shops sell items which are not really my style...
but Thaitee ...oh  my goodness I could really buy everything from there as I love  every single pair of pants they sell...

I wasn't entirely sure about the wide pants when I first put them on. I'm not super confident person and I was used to the jeans-like pants uniform.
But I've put them on and I'm  telling you, it's the best pair of pants I own.

go check them out on etsy and fall in love :)

/and no, I don't get anything for writing this review, I just wrote this post because I truly madly deeply love their shop and I think you should get to know them too/

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