Feb 3, 2012

beautiful beautiful life

so here's another post abloutbutton2
all the things I'm loving right now...

first of all I love being home - and seeing my sis again...

and I love Kisses from Katie - it's as if she was writing about my africa, just a little bit more intense and with much more courage to say Yes to God - I'll have to learn that from her...love the book
I love baking, and cooking, but mostly baking - and I love pies.
this one is an apple-chocolate pie (see the braided edge? - thank you pinterest for inspiration!)

the pie was gone really fast - didn't have time to snap more pictures, so behold, the only proof it actually existed...

I love my new peeling. Now, you might think Love is a little bit strong word for that, but it smells like fresh peach - it's as if you were rubbing summer all over your face!

love crocheting - seriously, how many crocheted blankets would be too much to have?
I have one for myself, and this one was my Christmas present for sis (she liked it - yay! handmade gifts rock!)
and my avocado experiment is going well, it was ripe after two days spent in a paper bag and I made d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s guacamole with it. yummers

(see the bracelet on the photo? I gave it to my friend for really late christmas this week - when I finally remembered it - and he loved it and thought it needs to be part of this photo...oh well, I'm not going to argue - it's always good to include a little bit of africa)

I had this song in my head for over a week.

I love watching modern family with mom and I love how daddy always points out the show on TV which I could like - like tonight, we watched a short documentary movie about africa - I love hearing their beautiful accent and see the beautiful people of Kenya.



  1. Your blanket is amazing. I'm currently working on my first but I have so many ideas for more, I think you can never have/make too many. Might try your avo idea too, I currently put mine in a bowl with the bananas as they seem to work to ripen anything, but if I have no bananas a paperbag will do :)

  2. Loooooooooove your list - especially loving your blanket!!

  3. I Love my new blanket too ! :) Thank you sister :* ! It will make my sad student's room much warmer and it will remains me of you :) ! LOVE. Domi