Jan 4, 2012

yarn along - it's WEDNESDAY ALREADY???

I'm stealing few minutes here and there for knitting - there's a big Microbiology exam next week so I have to study a lot ... so I'm just reading notes from lectures...
anyway... I'm knitting my first "Doubleknitted" scarf ever - it has stripes on the first half and second half will be plain - one side gray, one side blue (self-striping yarn) ..

what are you knitting/crocheting and reading? :)


  1. Oh, I've never knitted anything doubleknitted before! Are you finding it challenging? I love the finished look but have always felt a little bit intimidated by it. I love the colors of your scarf. :)

  2. i love double knitting, but i always make a mistake here and there. it is so thick and smooshy though, love your scarf.

  3. Very cool! The colors work well together. Love your blog....open....fresh...unique

  4. The scarf is beautiful so far.
    I am just learning to knit and my MIL (a knitter) was just talking to me recently about doubleknitting and how she hasn't ventured there yet.