Dec 14, 2011

yarn along christmas decorations...

I've knitted my first Christmas decoration ever!
it was fun and quick and it used up the left-over yarn from my secret christmas project (which I can't show you until after Christmas...

confused about the number of DPNs? well, as lazy as I am, I used spare needles instead of stitch holders and this is what happened:
still reading the secret garden , but I'm thinking about reading my Bible again - as the Christmas is almost here it would be nice to remind myself how it all happened the first time...

I love the pattern and I will knit many more of these!

good luck :) and go check out all the cool stuff everyone's knitting and crocheting - at Ginny's blog!


  1. The sweater is adorable! Love the red and white!

  2. It's great and I love the stripe. I did one in a solid green,but I have to say yours is much nicer.
    I have been reading the New Testament for my morning Bible read, yes it is nice, especially now.

  3. all those dpns look freakishly scary!

    cuuttee deco though!

  4. Oh my gosh that little sweater is absolutely adorable!!!

  5. Cute! I am also knitting sweater ornaments, for my family! :) i like the one you made.

  6. I don't have any stitch holders either, do I'd probably use my extra DPNs too...or safety pins? I haven't ventured on to something so tiny and complicated though...

  7. Love the sweater ornament, but how in the world do you keep all the DPNs straight! I hate dpns - I'm magic loop all the way! I think you need some stitch markers :)