Dec 12, 2011

name one place...

...where you'd want to be right now - forget about your work tomorrow, forget about exams that need to be done, about the laundry and dishes, forget about dentist appointment in 2 days, forget about all the decorations and gift-shopping, and...

name one place where you'd want to be right now, one place which would make you the happiest person on the world:

I'd like to be at Amsterdam airport - right at the beginning of my 10 hours long wait before I'd fly to Nairobi.

at first I wanted to say africa - my africa, being in the Hall right now, praying after dinner and holding a kid on my lap, whispering how much I love him into his short fuzzy hair.

but no, I'd like to be at the airport.


because that would mean Africa is close, really close, but at the same time it'd mean it didn't start yet, I wouldn't have to live every moment as much as possible, I wouldn't have to feel too alive, I'd just sit there in one of the comfy chairs, with a friend dozing off on my shoulder. and we would be waiting. and life would slowly pass around us...

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  1. cool question - mogadishu!

    it's at a crossroads, the buildings and people are war torn but there is real hope there. al shabaab has retreated and the shops are opening and the markets are open again, the buildings are being repaired. i want to interview the children, to see what they say about life and how they feel about the future. i want to talk to the elders who were there when the city was great, with art and culture and universities. i want to talk to the soldiers who fought to free the city. i want to to talk to the mayor who has the hardest job in the world right now - what help does he need? i want to talk to the mothers about somalia, about their children (some taken by al shabaab to serve), about forgiveness and reconciliation.

    jarka? is this just a question or can you make it happen? :)