Aug 28, 2011

amsterdam airport...still waiting...

Camping on the airport… Amsterdam… had perfect couch just for myself, my blanket and my crocheting. Perfect.

Until I had to choose between the perfect spot and wet pants. Would it be too disturbing to tell you I was thinking about the possibility of simply keeping the spot? :D

Don’t worry, I packed everything, used the bathroom and came back. Of course my spot was taken. Too many people, too few seats…

Few more hours and I’ll go to the gate…

I would upload a photo from this airport but it won’t let me upload anything – I’d have to pay for it…no thanks J you’ll have to wait for your photo.

One more night among the clouds and I’ll be in Nairobi…

And hopefully my checked-in baggage will make it too.

…and so we’re probably starting 3 weeks of blog silence /not sure about the internet connection at the orphanage/ + don’t take this personally, but I’d rather spend my time with my kids than online, writing blog posts.

see you in a while...


  1. no photos at the Nairobi airport - they will confiscate your camera!!!

  2. Hello Jarka!!
    I have been checking out this blog from time to time. Wow! You are heading back? What about school! Will miss you for a time - but knowing your body and mind are where your heart wants to be.
    <3 Henry