Jun 1, 2011

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?~ Ginny

I didn't knit or crochet this week - still stuck with school stuff.
for those of you who asked - yes, I'm still studying for exams and they might not end sooner than in august - that depends on LUCK mainly...and if you could maybe, say a prayer or two, that would really help...

I took out my old crochet project "sweater-to-be" and I fell in love with the yarn again :)

reading - anatomy books - over and over...not fun.
-drinking lots of water and making lots of ice cubes these days.
it's hot. yucky hot.

and someone got a new haircut! I did it! and I'm pretty proud of myself.
I'm sure everyone remembers prince M. with long hair...well, now he has his summer cut and uff it took us almost an hour to comb out all the tangles - but it was wort it.
I dare to say he's even cuter than before ;) but shhhh that's a secret!




  1. What a huge transformation a haircut can make! You did a wonderful job.

    I also love that yarn. I can't wait to see how it turns out when you are finished with your "sweater-to-be"... xo

  2. Pretty colors in your yarn---they remind me of the ocean. I looked back at your Ginny Weasley vest, and it's very cute. Love the colors!

  3. Love the haircut (the top, anyway :)). I remember when my hubs when from long to short, what a transformation!!! And the yarn on your sweater to be is so cooool!! Good luck on your exams Jarka!!

  4. I really like the yarn, and will send prayers your way. I am brave enough to trim some bangs and once even buzz cut my eldest son but the point was to get all the hair off - which I mostly managed - but to style it to something that looked nice and still had hair! Great job.

  5. Your sweater is going to be beautiful & I love the haircut!

  6. That yarn is just lovely and good job on the haircut! My husband always wants me to cut his hair, but I do such a horrible job!

  7. Oh anatomy and physiology! I remember feeling like I was drowning when I took it in school.. but after I mastered it I LOVED it.. I loved it so much they started having me tutor it at the school I worked in (I was the office manager.. not a teacher or a tutor!) I was going through boxes earlier and came across my dissection kit..That was the only part I couldn't deal with.. So glad I got cut happy lab partners. I still pull out my old A&P books and my micro stuff just for pleasure reading... I'm strange I suppose! Good luck with your exams! What I always told the students I tutored.. don't stress over knowing absolutely everything. Yes, w/ A&P the little details count.. but look at your professors who have been teaching 30+ years..even they sometimes freeze up and can't remember everything. Your brain needs to be able to process and think clearly while you're taking your exams.. not spurting out every word in the text book. Although it's not always super accurate if you go outside of images offered by .edus (and make sure you have a great anti-virus running) Google Images is a GREAT tool for anatomy. You can see things from angles your texts and notes don't view particular parts. It's amazing how many professors as well as medical and grad students post great photos that are well labeled.

    Wow, sorry for such a long drawn out comment.. again GOOD LUCK!

  8. You're in my prayers, honey.

    Wow, what a difference a haircut makes!