Jun 17, 2011

summer snack

contrary to popular belief, I'm not stuck studying at home all summer.
today, I went for lunch to Greece.

what a lucky duck I am! I'm sure many of you can only dream about traveling to Europe, but I live here...for us, young european students with no income whatsoever and no time for part-time jobs, Greece isn't that far away - just a hop from here...oh, don't get me wrong, we don't do that every day - most days I'm just too lazy to get out of my PJs so I stay at home...

now, enough of that sarcasm...back to studying....

(good thing we had left-overs in the fridge, waiting to be processed into authentic Greece salad with traditional Slovak sheep cheese and all...)


  1. I've been reading your blog for a couple weeks and been trying to figure out exactly where you are from. Finally my curiosity is quenched! You are Slovak! (I had a weird hunch) :)