May 2, 2011

yarn-along swap squares

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?~ Ginny

I finished the enterlac cowl some time ago, but I didn't show you the finished project - did I?
well, here it is :) rainbow colors, enterlac and (new)short hair in one.

it only took 1 skein (50g = 130m=142 yards) and a little bit of another yarn (when I panicked in the middle because I wasn't sure if it will be long enough) but you should be good with one skein - that is, if you decide do venture into similar adventure ...
-finished-packet-sent home to mom- mom's day is coming!

*here's the end of my official "yarn along post" and now a little bit about my CRAZY SQUARE BLANKET PROJECT

so I've been crocheting lately. a lot. my right wrist hurts. and I still have 18 "small" squares 1 BIG square and endless number of "middle" squares to do. 3 "borders" to knit and then crochet it all together. - are you lost yet?

I know I said it will be next Christmas project, but right now I want it done.
I have 1 skein of green yarn. because I needed something green i there, and now I run out of yellow. it was the one left from my smitten mittens and there was only a bit left...

anyone out there who wants to swap squares for blanket? or just because you can never have enough granny squares?

I was thinking about the way to do this and I think the easiest way will be - if you just leave a comment here telling me you'd like to swap a square or two with me and I'll get to you later and we can figure it out :)

or you can leave your e-mail address in the comment ( if you do I WILL NOT POST THE COMMENT HERE SO NO ONE (just me) WILL SEE YOUR ADDRESS and I will never use it for anything else - just to contact you :)

- I need to know:
-if you have some colorway preferred? red/green/blue/white?
-is it for a boy or for a girl?
(you know, saying blue doesn't mean it's for a boy - a square with blue flower in the middle would be perfect for some little girl, but if it's a blanket for a boy in your life I'd keep it at stripes of some simple pattern etc.)
-any special size needed?
-knitted or crocheted square?
-or any other request you have!

and that's about it... I suggest we leave as much of the "surprise element"in this as we can - it's more fun to wait in anticipation and than see your new square for the first time after opening the envelope :)
AND let's be nice and weave-in all the ends people! - I know I'm crazy enough to leave all the weaving-in for the end but it will be a nightmare once I have to get into it :P so I promise I'll send out only absolutely finished squares ;)


  1. The entralac cowl you finished is beautiful and I love the haircut! I wish I crochet and I would swap with you, but that is a talent I don't have. I am sure that others would love to join.

  2. that cowl is amazing! Wish I could crochet to swap!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment! I love your entrelac cowl---I've been toying with the idea of learning how to do it. It's so cool and looks great with the haircut!

  4. The cowl looks terrific!! And the square sounds terrific. You are more than welcome to one of mine but I don't know if you would want one! They are of DK weight so are a bit flimsy, and may not fit your blanket aesthetic but, come take a peek!

  5. I love that cowl! I did an entrelac headband/earwarmer from kitty last year that I love!

  6. The cowl is gorgeous! I love the hair... but I said that last week too!

  7. Oh the cowl looks so great - I love it!

    Love your hair, too! Have fun with the swap. I'm excited to see how your blanket comes together!

  8. The cowl is just amazing. Really. It is awesome.

    I do not need any granny squares right now but that sounds like a great idea!

  9. The cowl is fantastic! It makes such a lovely present :)

  10. gorgeous gowl! beautiful! I wish I could make one of those, but I don't think my skills are up there yet...

  11. Love the cowl... and your hair... and the granny squares!!!

  12. Gosh that cowl... please tell me it was in crochet, made with easy-to-get rainbow yarn, and the simplest pattern ever... No?? (Just read back through your last few weeks of posts, and it IS knit :(. Darn) Anyway, I am SURE your mother will be thrilled with it. And as for the granny squares... well, I don't need any, but I'm sure I could make something with one or some, so go on!! Count me in and I'll produce the goods!! (Oh, and your hair... just fab)

  13. I love that cowl...makes me want to attempt entrelac! I just crocheted a square (not granny, though, something else), and if it's the right size I'd be happy to send it to you. It's orange and cherry red. No swapping needed. Let me know.

  14. oh, the cowl. so, so pretty.
    and i try to not crochet.
    it makes me say foul words.
    but i do love granny squares.

  15. The entralac cowl looks great! One of the things I'll hsve to learn this year is entrelac - it's so beautiful!

  16. I love the cowl and also the idea of the blanket!! You are so daring with all your colors, I'm jealous. :) Great work!