May 29, 2011

every night

it is hot outside
summer air boiling
with last breath of today's sun
and mosquitoes, fused with white stars.
but the sun is gone
all we have left is black darkness
and stray dogs running behind out backs
they are close.
closer than you think
their fur lightly brushing over our bare skin
there is sunburn on your shoulder
I see it in last flames of the candle
standing on the table,
wax running down the soda bottle
and I wish I could kiss the pain away.
We sit together on avocado tree,
empty swing slowly moving in tonight's breeze
mosquitoes buzz around out ears
our dusty knees touching
I would fall into the sky
if you did not hold me
the cold is here,
slowly creeping in our way,
we run, laughing
with the last taste of ginger ale on our lips
carefree, for a little while I forget about the hunger
and when you shut the gate of the orphanage
and Grace turns out the last lights in the kitchen
world is suddenly right
we are where we should be
do not close the door
no need to lock the universe out
let the little children come to us,
if dreams should chase them out of their beds
the coldness is almost here,
you take your last chance
and pull the covers over our home,
shading us from the cruelty of foreign
fathers sing outside, far away
and somewhere in the darkness
little child wakes his mother,
hungry. Will he be fed?
and you can not change
any of the injustice happening there
out of your reach
but try anyway, I will go with you
to the end of the world
and we will never stop.
I wake up and we start new day
same as yesterday
and every night
the world will be right.

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