Apr 6, 2011

We are in Eden

And skies turned oxford blue

With soft pale eggplant hue

And fire globe, the conferrer of life

Nomad on the endless stray

Set down for the night

Closing the eyes of early spring blossoms

On its‘ roam to other world

kingdoms of unknown nations, realms of elfs

And fairy lands


Wash our faces, dust our sheets

turn off the light, blow the candles

Close windows lock out wind and freeze

Pray to our Jah, render thanks and ask mercy

For He is the Lord He gave us this eve

And every breath we drew was not guaranteed

But given like a gift

Gold, frankincense and myrth

Still hot from high noon sun

Remembered and cherished to the end


Silence hangs in heavy air

Atmosphere filled with rich tone of clean soap

no need to move we are in Eden

Angels left sang their farewell

Alone but not lonely, and as free as ever

Like birds facing open brink

Cage left ajar for once in their life

They do not dare to fly

Destroy happiness enthroned upon their ground

We stay still and content


The touch, soft, tacit, unexpected caress

Gave life new, raw meaning

Every cell, every place on my body felt its’presence

In that very moment the Earth was born, cosmos unrolled

To the far ends of world‘s existence,

Nature gave birth to humanity

And mankind violated the spirit

Leaving this universe deserted,

it could not matter less, in that moment

we are in Eden


playing innocent games with hair,

tucking stray locks away from flushed cheeks

out of the way, leaving place for smile

feeling the heart beat of the loved one,

scent of life running under soft skin on thy neck

holding to the shirt, scrambled and burning

closer, never letting go, all lines disappear in darkness

and soft lullaby hums in veins rushing, living every bit of the happiness

there is no waste space, no words, no questions


nature teaches her children and kisses them goodnight

when moon rises to the highest peak

chases away evil spirits and those who do not mean us well

morning stars, daemons orges and temper

creatures which in swamps of chaos dwell

keeps us from failing our rules

learned, known and understood, the instincts

knowledge of bad and good

passed down by descendents of Eve and Adam


Delicate equilibrium in each move of hourglass

Feel like kissing, perfect chin is in my reach,

Just tiling my head to the side would do the trick

I am scared. I smile and kiss you in my reverie

For millionth time.


Dark charcoral walls and silver tones covering ceiling

Hide under cover. Warm thick and welcoming sheets

Shading last rayons of lamp-post light

Trepassing our noir land of Milton’s regained paradise.

We own it, it is ours.

And sleep slowly forces his way

To our kingdom, close eyes but hold me closer

For only in thine embrace can dream take over my mind

No worries no fears, I will rest till I wake at dusk

Keep me close, we are in Eden.

by Jarka Bednarova

/work in progress/