Apr 6, 2011

mac 'n' cheese and everything else...

quick lunch? hmmm let's see...mac 'n' cheese sounds good, but there's that tomato sauce with pineapple left in the fridge and the cottage-cheese-kind-of-thing-y and new eggs...

you know how I am...couldn't stop at simple pasta and cheese, had to add it all in.
it started with a couple of tablespoons of sauce on the bottom
and 3 slices of some old - ancient I'd say - cheese found on the back of my fridge shelf.

then, corn pasta - gluten-free -no idea why - just because... (FYI I love corn pasta! yumm)
and spoonful of cottage-cheese mixed with one egg (made 3 servings)
+ slice of cheese on top of each serving.
baked at 180°C (356°F) for...a while....

it's yummy and easy and quick and cheap and the cups are suitable for baking and microwaving so if there ś any left it shall become late dinner tonight...

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  1. It looks delicious! I will have to try that sometime.