Apr 30, 2011

hard is A life of uni student

how come?

well, yesterday was a really long day..
it all started with some tree hugging
continued with realizing how odd the back of my hair looks now when it's cut and unwashed for 4 days...

then I studied a bit, crocheted few granny squares for my blanket...

watched hockey - we won!
celebrated (a lil bit)
danced (a lot) - can you believe it? I danced! I'm not saying it looked good (I'm sure it didn't) but you know what they say:

“Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.”

(btw that also applies to all other activities in life ;)

and so I danced (a lot)
than chased my friend around the dorms because she went for a walk for almost an hour and we couldn't find her
danced some more
drank gallons of water
had to use the bathroom
danced some more
then danced on the table (with 2 friends - not alone!!!)
had one Pepsi - ice cold
then came back to our place, put on my flannel shirt (which I'm still wearing at 14:30 following day)
woke up with messy hair and dark bruises under my eyes

drank more water and hot cocoa for breakfast.
wrote this post
studied a lil bit
went back to sleep.
sweet dreams

*and for those of you who wonder - I was drunk with love and happiness, nothing less, nothing more ;) still keeping my "are-you-kidding-you're-not-drinking?" status which puzzles many people, and I still don't understand why...

clearly I'm crazy enough in my sober state to dance on the table so why should I drink something else than water?

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