Feb 16, 2011

yarn along finally no mittens!!!

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a single photo and share it~ Ginny
this week I've started crocheting sweater - no pattern, no actual plans, just crocheting in a round... I wanted to knit - really badly wanted to knit, but the yarn is too thin for my thick needles and now when I crochet it's making pretty pattern so I think it was meant to be this way :)

reading: 13 1/2 Lives of captain Bluebear - highly recommended!

" A yarn of drollery, deeper meaning and sheer lunacy" ~ Rolling Stone

"Moer's creative mind is like J.K Rowling's on ecstasy" ~ Detroit News

"Marvellously fantastical" ~ Sunday Express

/those of you who are here strictly to see what I'm knitting/crocheting/reading right now feel free to stop here and proceed to write a comment :) - I love hearing from you...those who want to learn more about that amazing book keep reading as I feel obliged to tell you more/

there are huge illustrations, sometimes on two pages, but there's also a picture of a city on 6 pages or a crocodile similarly long...

there are side notes such as "cocoa on tap" or "a good idea"or "the 2364th dimension"

and the text! geeez I love how they use different fonts and sizes - on this page there was a big spider coming closer, that's why you hear the boom! louder and louder! ...etc. ...

amazing book!

/I ' smudged the text because it wasn't important and because I wasn't sure if it would interfere with authors's rights or not...just read the whole book/


  1. I love your yarn! And the book has definitely intrigued me!

  2. Your plan for the sweater is so freeing...yay you!

  3. I love those kind of make it up as you go along patterns! The colours of the yarn work really well in crochet too!

  4. Oh my gosh! That book looks like a hoot! I'll have to look for it...

  5. Sounds like a fun read~ I better check it out! Can't wait to see how your sweater turns out :o)

  6. The book looks really interesting! I like your inventive style of making a sweater :)

  7. You finished the mittens!
    Love the yarn you're using for the sweater!
    That book looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing the extra details on it!

  8. what a great book, and crochet, oy!! the yarn is scrumptious :)

  9. I like the yarn color it looks so fun. Love the pictures in the book.

  10. I had forgotten this book! I read it when I was a college student almost six years ago and neglected studies to finish it! You made my day by listing it here!!