Feb 18, 2011

things which should never happen

it was around 9 p.m. yesterday maybe later, I don't remember, but time isn't important here.
we went for a walk - our traditional thursday Tesco trip - and there's a bridge over railway on the way there, a bridge which we love, from where we usually see a train at 00.12 a.m. when we go shopping for groceries in the middle of the night - a habit we picked last year, living in uni dorms, having no time during the day. it's our bridge, bridge where we always check the time to see if there'll be a train coming soon - you have to be lucky to see it - it doesn't stop there it just rushes under the bridge.

There was a car parked close to the railway, prince said it's an AMBULANCE, I laughed, no it's not, it just looks like one. And you know, I'm always right.
This time I wasn't. There was a police too, and stopped train - not far from the bridge.
Prince was right this time, and of course I wouldn't mind if the situation was different, but now, I hate he was right. I hate the fact that ambulance was needed, I hate that police had to come and I hate that ambulance was useless.

...the picture of blue working overalls and heavy black shoes will stay in my mind forever...

it was quiet and calm, I would say, almost peaceful...and prince told me I shouldn't look there and I should have listened to him - because he was right, again. I shouldn't have looked.

I could imagine people on that train, nervous, angry people, who wanted to continue their journey.. I could imagine the train driver wishing he didn't go to work that day, and after saying a short prayer for him, I prayed the man in blue overalls had no family - I know it sounds cruel, but all I wished for was he had no wife at home waiting for him, he had no kids, no parents expecting a call from him this week-end...because he's with God now, and I know everything will be fine but I couldn't imagine he was a son who didn't come home that night or a lover who was given someone else's heart to take care of and who now dropped it under that train... no.

when something like this happens, you are reminded to appreciate your life, just like prince said - our worries about school exams seem pretty silly now.


  1. I will be praying. I also have something I saw that I will never forget or get out of my mind. I am so sorry, Jarka. And I am so sorry this happened.