Nov 16, 2010

what if God was one of us?

just a slob like one of us?
just a stranger on the bus?

What would you ask if you had just one question...

you all know that song right?
and did you realized what the lyrics say?

just one question... and all that comes to my mind is about myself
-will you forgive ME?
-will you help ME be better?
-will I be happy in MY life?
-what's your plan for ME?
-am I doing at least something right?
-will you hold MY hand?

and I've been praying like this recently - me me me me me...
asking if I could see MY kids again, if I could find love, if he could love ME... do you see the pattern?

I used to talk with Him a lot, all day long, but now I have that bad habit of talking to myself ...and also, I talk a lot... got pretty talkative this semester.

I might just slow down a bit, take things like they are and enjoy waking up in the morning.
just being happy that I can live my life, simple, boring, extraordinary life.
and I wish days could be as long as they were in africa, when one day seemed like week and there was no hurry, no need to rush ad catch something.
Just slow days with lots of time to talk to Him and not ME. Lots of talking and learning how to pray.

I miss those long freezing mornings when I could stay in bed for one more hour and just think about world, think about Him and His kids and about the day which came.

I want to leave all my worries on this small kitchen table and go to sleep and wake up with empty head and full heart.

and so tonight I will pray
-for him to be happy in his life because that's all I want, really.

-for my sis to get all she wants (and she'll get it, believe me :)

-for my family to always stay together

-for love to fill the world.

-and lots and lots of things apart from myself
because that's real prayer.


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