Nov 14, 2010

christmas in the air and post-boxes :D

you all know I love Christmas right?
because ... "Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. " ~Mary Ellen Chase

and sending Christmas cards is one of my favorite occasions to use snailmail :)
..choose the right ones is tricky, I want them to be original and personal but also to look great and professional - kind -of ...

but how can I choose?
and then, in one post on one of the blogs I'm reading...
I saw this one!

giggles and grins - ain't that cute? and I instantly fell in love...
but this wasn't all! ...
when I got past the excitement about this card and stopped dreaming about all the photos I could use, I continued reading that post and here's what I saw:

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:

...all I could think right then was NO WAY! NO WAY!!!
but yup, it's true :)

and by then, I already had a list of addresses flying around my head...

-my kiddos in africa
- my little angels in ireland
-my english family
-aunt form swiss
-friends here at school
-my class Teacher from HS
- my art teacher
-English teacher

I was panicking - already choosing photos and remembering all my dear friends from all around the world :D
and I knew that was what I was going to do! Get a perfect card for this Christmas!

oh my, I didn't know what I was up to! there are tons of photo Christmas cards it's impossible (without help from some Christmas elf) to choose the right one! oh my,...

could you go there and choose one for me? - I could really use some advice :)

I love this one too - hmmm just don't have anyone who'd kiss me for the photo :P topic - I was hanging new photo frames on the wall today :) love how they turned out...but you know what I always wanted? a wall art on canvas - you know, like the real thing :) and Shutterfly has it! :)

and a good girl I am, I wanted to share this little Christmas miracle with you :)


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