Apr 16, 2010


as you might have notice it´s been Thursday yesterday, which means that raining or not,we went to Tesco for our traditional TTTT.
it almost stoped raining till we got there, but it was muddy outside so instead of walking through the park as we always do, we used the normal road = not as nice as the usual one, but slightly longer.

at Tesco we start with the books/CDs section most of the times, yesterday we´ve decided to try something new and so we browsed the shelves with DVDs...oh my, so many movies and no time to watch them...what a shame.

than Prince M. wanted to buy 10 buns to make 10 hot-dogs for our school trip to the lake tomorrow, but apparently they don´t have fresh hot-dog buns at Tesco at 10p.m. ... actually they didn´t have any buns at all. Don´t worry, this tragedy has a happy-ending - Gabo will buy all they need for lunch today.

We bought some baby-food and milk and breakfast-cereals...and then Prince M. wanted to buy a pack of sausages but the only one we could find was a 4-pack for 1.25 euro -to which Prince M. said that they have to be made of unicorns and that he won´t eat that - because after all, even Prince M. knows the limits. So, no unicorn sausages.
But we´ve found a nice pack of the regular ones and we got that, and some bread and chocolate pudding deserts and also 2 tomatoes - just two, because if they were 3, it would be too much fresh vegetables and as his majesty informed me - too much fresh stuff could kill him.

then we went back, and it´s started to rain again.

I just hope it will be sunny tomorrow and I´ll be able to bring you lots of beautiful pictures of the lake :) - a we´re leaving at 7 a.m. it will be pretty long day, so wish me luck.

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