Apr 5, 2010


after 3 royalty-free posts we´re back to normal dear readers...

yep, my blog will be again filled with babbling about Prince M.  ...the only reason why I didn´t mention him in last three posts is that he wasn´t here and he didn´t call and I didn´t know anything about him,

if he´s still alive or if he´s not,

if he´s hungry...oh wait, that one  I knew - always hungry :) 

but in general, I had no reports about his well-being for almost three days...than one small, desperately insufficient call two days ago - which as you can imagine was ridicullously  short - and I ended up with huge deficiency of prince M. -I just need to hear/see him at least one hour per day, and as I´ve seen him every day for hours and hours last couple of weeks, it was a kind of shock to me, not hearing his sweet voice for this long....

but now everything´s back to normal, he called tonight and we talked about everything and nothing at all - as we always do...and I feel good....might actually sleep better tonight :)

and he asked if there´s something new on my blog - well, now there is. 

/photos coming soon/

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