Feb 12, 2010

I´m over-joyed, I´m over-loved

there´s always this someone in your life who´s just so wonderful that you can´t help loving him/her from the very first moment you´ve met.

that special someone who takes all the place in your thoughts, all the place in your heart, all the place in your dreams, and who completly deserves all that, and you don´t mind giving up everything else in your life, you don´t mind giving up your life, because with this special someone you just feel alive more than ever.
And you know the whole world needs to be in love with this someone because it would be impossible NOT to see how amazing he/she is.
and it hurts to know that whole world is in love, that whole world stands in awe, because how could you compare with the world?
I didn´t cry for a long time. Maybe because I´m big girl now and big girls don´t cry - you know...or maybe because my life´s just so wonderful that there´s nothing to cry abowe...
but I feel like crying now, and I don´t even know why... I´m not sad, I´m not angry, nor disappointed... but still I miss someone, and I would love a hug.
Hugs from friends, sis, mom or daddy are great, amazing, necessary, as they keep my world turning...but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish the world would stand still - and there´s only one way how to make it stop...just a hug from someone could stop it from spinning.
(and oh my goodness no! I´m not talking about the cat - she´s just one of my snowboarding friends)

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