Feb 14, 2010

I guess I should wish you happy Valentine´s day :)

I spent almost all day on the way - traveling - isn´t that a dream of every adventurous girl?
go on the journey around the world?
yes, that´s exactly what I was doing today - traveling - by car, at first, then by train and finally by bus...and guess where I am now?
in my dorm-room with all my new clothes unpacked, and 2 pounds of instant poridge in my food-box.
yep, I´m a huge fan of poridge of all kinds and as our cooking possibilities as well as time for actual cooking are fairily limited, I´ve recently discovered the charm of instant poridge mixture which only needs to be mixed with a cup of boiling water and voilá supper, breakfast, lunch - whatever - fanthasy doesn´t know limits.

and so...yes, I´m here, waiting for Lu, who should come any minute, and I´m writing this post which was intended to be a happy Valentine´s day wish for you, but which´s actually just a kind of worshipping of instant poridge... kind of ...post.

so anyway...have a nice lazy sunday

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