Aug 29, 2009


it´s Sathurday - 4 days before I leave and I´ve started to pack all my things into the biggest black suitcase we have...
I feel like getting ready for Hogwarts - no idea what to expect, future full of magic and new friends,...
will I feel like at home there? - I´m not sure about that because my home´s already in Africa and nothing could change that but I have to say that all the students I met before this summer were exactly "my kind of people" so I´m sure we´ll be great class.
hmmm I´m not sure if I´ll get a room in school dorms because they said I´ll find out when I come - but all the students of first class should get a room so now I´m just wondering if we´ll be 2 or 3 there :P


we will see when we get there but so far so good


Should I introduce my friends who are coming with me? yes, I think this is perfect time to let you know Emil and Jim (James).

Emil is my white rat who´s usually sleeping next to my pillow and he has a bad habit - chewing the corner of my pillowcase when he has one of his very common sleepless nights.

Those of you who have read my book /Ben, James and me/ already know Jim,... I bet not many of you did so, as it wasn´t translated to English and as there´re only two copies on the world - so I should introduce him again.
Jim´s my dog - grey,fluffy, knee-high crossbreed with love for macadamia nuts, long walks and cats. I found him on the side road, he was all wet and grassy from motor-oil. Now he´s happy hyperactive doggy, licking every face within his reach.
And I should also tell you that he´s just a character from my book and for now, there´s no real Jim, but still, I think he´ll be wonderful part of this story.

Welcome chez nous

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  1. very creative - what about a double major to include creative writing?