Aug 30, 2009

Jim´s blanket´s ready, his crackers are waiting in big sack next to my suitcase and he spent this night running around our flat, constantly checking my bed (waking me up every 5 minutes by sniffing around my face), his sack of crackers and parents´ bedroom. He´s damn smart dog! I´m sure he already knows something´s going on and he suspects that life will change and so he´s making sure every member of his pack is safe and still together.
Emil has much cooler attitude, he´s chillin´ on my pillow, clinging to it´s corner -night and day -as if it was the safest place on the world (he thinks Jim´s ridicullous when he follows me like my shadow ( - but let´s face the truth - biting corner of my pillowcase is much more ridicullous than spying me) - according to his theory, I´ll have to take my pillow with me when I leave (because in his little world, he thinks everyone is pillow-dependent as much as he is and so life without pillow would be unbearable) will be hard to convince him to come with me in 2 days because for now he doesn´t know I´ve already packed one pillow and "his pillow" is staying here.

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