Jan 15, 2014

yarn-along, another vest

 after looong time I'm joining yarn along again...oh my, it feels good to be back....

I've started another vest - this time it'll be short and simple, and I might actually write down the pattern...maybe.
I'm using up all the single skeins of odd yarn I have in my stash...
(I've finished the bird-watcher's vest some time ago but it still needs buttons and blocking so you won't see it until it's finished)

I'm starting to read one of the books I got for christmas, I choose this one myself, and it sounds interesting (I've only read the description on back cover so far)...

And I'm working on my travel junk journal - it still needs binding and a couple more pages...
I'm sick - spending most of the day in bed, drinking tons of tea and orange juice...this is the second time this winter when I'm sick- it sucks - bad year for me  :P
but it's perfectly good excuse to read and knit all day...yay!


  1. Always feels good to join the yarn along after being away for so long.
    I love the buttons on the previous posts. Hope you feel better.

  2. feel better soon, drink lots of liquids and knit knit knit!!

  3. I am continuously amazed by knitters (crocheters, even cooks) who can make something without a pattern. I can't wait to see the finished vests.