Jan 22, 2014

mom's blanket + vest pattern

in hopes to reduce my stash of unused yarn and clean some space in my room at home (I still have a basket full of yarn in my school place) ...I've decided to knit a blanket.
crazy I know.
I never thought I'd be a girl who would knit a blanket. never ever ever.
a blanket in one piece, I mean...come on... that's just plain crazy.

but I did it.
behold, my fellow crafters....
had to get a pair of 10mm needles (ahem...sent my dad to the yarn store and he bought them for me - thanks dad! :)  ...and then cleaned my stash and sorted through all the odd colors and left overs from projects.
here's the link to the original pattern by Stephen West
and here's my Ravelry project page
it took 5 days to finish and if was super easy and quick and I might knit another one someday...

I'm reading a book that dad got me at the library-books sale for 50 cents ...and it's a first book in a long time , which kept me up until 2:30 in the morning...I'm not ever half way through, but it gives me chills and it's definitive page-turner -LOVE IT!

I've finished my vest from last week and I wrote down the pattern - just in case someone liked it and would like to make one.. here it is


  1. Cozy and colorful blanket, and in five days only!! good going.

  2. Very nice! The yellows look warming. Ps, love your hair!

  3. Awesome vest!!

    What are you reading?

  4. Cute vest. But wonderful, beautiful blanket! It looks so cosy and rainbow-candy-glorious :-)

  5. I read up to 9 or 10 in that series several years ago...
    I really like your blanket. It looks warm and fun!
    And what a great vest!!

  6. Beautiful way to use up your stash of yarn. I like that pattern. Cute vest too.