Nov 3, 2012

no boys allowed...period!

seriously... this is a period talk guys, if you don't wanna hear it, don't listen.

and if you're a boy and you're here to learn something new because you want to better understand the lady in your life, than good for you :) - here's a tip: we do eat chocolate...but I don't believe it's somehow related to period - it's just that...we want to eat chocolate, heaps of chocolate every day, but during that week, we have a pretty good reason to do so and not feel guilty ;)

few weeks ago I received my order from yurtcraft and party-in-my-pants. Two companies recommended by you-tube users. yes, I still believe everything's on you-tube.
orders of what you're asking? - cloth pads of course...

I wasn't sure about this specific change in my... lifestyle? but I're read enough reviews and watched enough review videos to be persuaded enough to AT least give it a try.

 (package from party-in-my-pants)

and when I ordered them, I was determined to write a review from a normal point of view - because all you can find out there are girls being totally in love with the idea, with stashes of cloth pads in their drawers.
I promised myself I would write an objective review... boy I was wrong...
they are awesome and I'm never going back... would it be awkward to ask for a few more yurtcraft pads for Christmas? (hint hint - together with wool and fleece for spinning I also want cloth pads this year :D - just kidding, choosing the prints is too much fun to let someone else do it)

so here's my review - myself, answering to all the questions I had before I jumped in.

 How on earth do you wash them???
it's actually easier than I thought.
when you're out and about (public bathroom, school, work, etc.)  and there is no way you could quickly run it under cold water, just fold them into a small waterproof "envelope" or use a small wet-bag to store the used ones. then after coming home...

at home, or in bathroom with a sink (lucky me- we have them at school here) where you don't have to worry about privacy, quickly wash it in cold water. -if there's strong staining, you can use some soap, but always rinse it out after. Squeeze out excess water and let them dry in a mesh bag or on the sun outside, whatever.
and then just toss them in with your laundry ( I wash mine with towels at the end of...the week)
/snap the snaps when washing/

What about leaking?
nonexistent. seriously, I have no idea how they do it but it works. none. with disposable ones I was constantly checking my butt, and now..nothing.
I thought that girls who were saying there are no leaks were saying so, because they had light period and I kind of consider myself a ... let's just say that if I do something, I do it with all I have - least the first 2-3 days... hahaha TMI? sorry...
but they worked - even during night.

ok, yes, more expensive than disposable ones in short term - but in long term you can save a lot of money - they have some counter somewhere on PIMPs website...but this wasn't really an argument which would make me decide for/against them...

there are many options to choose from (e.g. PIMPs are thinner but a bit more expensive than yurtcraft, which is less expensive but a little bit thicker - but still comfy and awesome... I didn't try any other brands yet)

isn't it gross? /awkward? / crazy?
I did think so. I mean, my first, very first thought was - come on girls! this is 21st century. Ok we all wanna go green, but honestly, when my time of the month comes I don't care about some stupid nature because mother nature has prepared me a week of hell when I cry and hurt and overeat.
I changed my mind. it really saves a lot of waste, plus, they come in pretty prints and different fabrics and sizes and you just choose.
(my overnight pad + free luxe liner from PIMPs )

what will friends/family think?
I don't know - we'll see after I post this on my blog as it's a kind of official announcement from me :D
but - what do your friends or family say to your current choice of period products? - they don't have much say in it do they? so I don't see why it should be different this time around.

(my first yurtcraft order - came with business cards with calendar on the back and free pen - which I appreciate a lot as it's the only one that didn't get lost so far)

does it feel weird?

I thought it would. I mean, having a bunch of fabric stuffed in your knickers, thanks, that will help with all the discomfort we're already experiencing - right?
I was wrong again.
This is 21st century. They are thin girls, so thin and comfy. You don't believe me? - well, they are. With cotton or flannel or whatever you choose, they are just like your underwear. Seriously, no difference.
Kind of scary at first as you feel like you're forgetting something.

(this is how thin the yurtcraft ones are, PIMPs are even thinner)

and why did I start to even think about this?

stupid reason, really... I just thought that cloth diapers are neat and I couldn't wait to start cloth diapering my kids :D - but that's gonna take a couple of years at least next thought was...this.

so to summe it up, it's comfy, easy to wash, cute prints, saves money, leakproof. what's not to love?

any more questions? - ask in the comment and I'll answer here in the post or send me an e-mail (contact on top of the page)

don't criticize if you didn't try... I did think they were all batcrap crazy before... but I changed my mind ;)

DISCLAIMER: all the info here is just from my own experience, none of the companies knows I'm posting positive review - it's just my opinion - and I LOVE THEM both!

tips/ notes to myself: next time I'd go with cotton for all pads in the order. The one flannel one I have is soft and nice but it does feel a little too warm, plus it doesn't look as smashing as it did before washing.
It's still 100% fine and functioning, just...not as presentable...cotton is safer choice.

helpful videos: wantsomecc and lovenaturedogs16 - they have lots of reviews to help you decide.

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  1. I realize this an old post, but just wanted to comment. I have a son whom I am cloth diapering and found out about cloth so I just tried them...Love them. I suppose my family will think I'm crazy! Ha ha oh, well. I also tried PIMP's and Yurtcraft. Love Yurtcraft! Love cloth!