Feb 7, 2003

tell me about it...

if you wish to contact me:
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every comment has to be aproved, so if you don´t want me to publish it (and only use it to comunicate with you) just let me know.
I will always answer your questions - by writing a post in FAQs section or by e-mail, or however you want.
-if you´ll send me your e-mail address (in a comment) I will NOT give it to anyone and I will NEVER publish it here or anywhere else.



  1. Hello,

    How nice to come accross your blog. My daughter and I are planning a trip to WWB in Nairobi in April/May 2012. We have been accepted. Very very exciting. I already got some valuable information about what to bring and what not to bring from your blog. Thank-you. I am sure as we get closer to our travel date we will have a few more questions. One thing I did wonder about was the weather at that time of year. Also sleeping at nigt. Do you reccomend a more heavy blanket or sleeping bag? Is it chilly at night? You brought your own small pillow, was that for the airplane or for WWB?

    We are from Kingston, Ont Canada by the way. My daughter is in her first year of University studies and turns 19 in January of this year. She has wanted to volunteer in Africa for a long time. I look forward to the time with my daughter and sharing our time with the children.

  2. i hope you know – all well be well :)

  3. Hi!
    I've found one of your christmas ornaments, a mistletoe, at the campus in Vila Real, Portugal! Thank you very much for your kindness, it brightened my day and as a secondary effect, those around me were infected by christmasy joy :)
    I really love your mistletoe and will keep it for many years to come.
    Wishing you a wonderful new year,