Oct 31, 2013

sweet rolls - recipe


1kg flour 
250g butter 
0.6l milk
50g of fresh  yeast (or 2 packages of dried yeast)
1tsp salt
1tsp sugar

oil or butter to brush on the dough before filling
soft cheese with sugar vanilla flavor and a little bit of lemon 

1 egg to brush on top

combine all the ingredients in bowl, divide in 6 parts and let rise 30 minutes

roll out to 4-5mm thickness and cut into 8 triangles
brush a little bit of oil or melted butter on top
put a teaspoon of filling on the edge
roll the triangles and gently press the sides down

let rise on the baking sheet at least 20 minutes before baking
bake on baking paper or buttered baking sheet, leave enough space between rolls
- brush egg on top before baking  to make the rolls nice golden color 

(you can also cut out squares and use different filling - jam, nuts etc...) 

sprinkle sugar on rolls while they're still warn.


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