May 12, 2013


I keep dreaming about the future.
But the truth is, magic is now. There will never be another day in my life like today.

Before I started university, I loved taking our pet bunny to the vet. For me, all the magic happened there.
We have awesome vet. He's patient and I dare to say - still in love with his job after years and years of practice.
Every single thing he did, every vaccination, every exam were like some secret mystery. I loved going to the vet.

Now I'm starting to be part of the magic.
On week-ends when I go to veterinary hospital for internship, I pass through the waiting room, sign-in and go "behind the scenes".

-this pretty much happened today - we had a really fluffy dog in the hospital and as you may know already, I have a soft spot for fluffy doggies...

...I will never feel that magical atmosphere full of anticipation, waiting for the vet to call us in. Now I'll know that every time vet talks to you at the beginning of the visit while "mindlessly" patting and caressing dog's fur, (which leaves you swooning  - how awesome it is that your vet finds time to affectionately pet his patient...) the doctor's actually checking the lymph nodes.
=The magic is mostly gone... replaced by new kind of happiness, when I understand why and how things are happening in the vet's office.

But I'll never feel like I felt before uni.

And it makes me realize, there's no need to rush. Why should I hurry to start another period of my life, if the way I feel now is impossible to repeat. Future will come whether we rush to it or enjoy the moment. Now.
Now has magic in it, which can never be repeated. Enjoy today.

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