May 5, 2013

I fall in love ..

 I fall in love easily.
I'm going to tell you more about that but first: if you think that just a splash of apple juice in a bottle of tap water will get you a liter of a fancy flavored water you've seen thousand times on Pinterest...

you're wrong + you wasted apple juice.

you don't want that, trust tastes like dirty dish water...

Now about that love thing...
I do... I really do fall in love easily.. and it takes a hell lot of time to get out of it...
but once I really love someone it's head over heels

/funny fact here - I always thought it's head over hills and only figured it out today after googling it/

...and I love that!  - the feeling when day gets better just because I get to see someone..

                         photo Smitten.gif
or when I can stand in a dissection room supposedly working on a necropsy and all I think about is "did he cut his hair? It looked shorter today, gosh I hope not, I like it the way it is"

or when I walk on that bridge every day from school and smile up at the sky like an idiot, because someone once said something about it.

or when I discuss every detail of every text message from someone with my best friend and then we (ok, mostly I )talk about it for hours.
and she usually has some great advice...

Then something happens - I usually don't know what and it's over... and then I fall in love again.
and I know it's gonna hurt one more time but it's all worth it.

and my BFF always tells me I have to do something, I need to tell the guy, I need to ...
but then I see all the horror scenarios in my head, like... he's gonna look at me this way:

and so I do nothing.
just wait it out...which usually feels something like this:
good thing is I also happen to love rainy days.

and you know what?
it's all ok, because one day I'll fall in love for the last time and it's gonna be awesome...
and until then, I'm gonna live this life the way I want...

                  photo Quvenzhaneacute-Wallis_zps643b9a5b.gif

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  1. i know this feeling:)....and it is over...and it is ok:) God bless u:)