Feb 8, 2013

not the best first impression ever

let me tell you something! I've kept my room clean for the last 4 days!
you know what that is my friend?  - a record.

I didn't clean it yesterday night, because it was too cold so I just crawled under the blankets.
I did just kick off my socks after school today and yes, I left my jeans on the floor.
and somehow this happened.
not literally, you see, I would never have a pink covers, albeit I do find the polka dots rather cute.
(I just needed a cute picture of messy room, without revealing the mess I created)

And next thing I know, there's the owner of our flat, with José and with some new boy and his parents (who came to look at the apartment - and MAYBE rent a room for their son - the cuter more masculine version of the ridiculously photogenic guy ) - standing in front of my room. Door wide open.
I leave my door open all the time, you see, a habit I picked in africa.

So, awkward smiles and all, I apologize for the mess, explaining it's a bad day for showing people around.

They continue the visit as I clean my room.

My roommate (who looks like princess Merida from Brave btw) tells me the tea is ready. So we walk to the kitchen, me complaining about the unexpected visit and my messy room, her wrapped in blanket because it is really cold in here. 

And there they are again, the new people.

more awkward smiles, we ask about the fridge - when is it going to be fixed? 
then they leave, or more like run, leaving behind that hippie place where people don't believe in cleaning and walk around in green blankets.

I don't expect to see the boy again after this amazing first impression we made.

I had to nuke the tea for three times during their visit, and now it's getting cold again as I type this.

Thank God it's Friday, even though it felt an awful lot like Monday.

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  1. There is a lot to be said for messy rooms....
    When I was a student my room always looked like the one in the picture (minus the cute pink cover), and one day we got burgled. My other two house mates got things stolen but me - nothing. I'm sure the bad guys took one look at my mess and thought it wasn't worth it!!
    When ever we were looking for new room mates we would always have a pot of coffee brewing when they arrived, it's an enticing smell!!