Dec 11, 2012

all I want for christmas is...

Last  Christmas, and the Christmas before and the Christmas before, and the one before that etc. my parents used to ask me what I want - or sometimes they tried to figure it out themselves...

and every year I got a ton of beautiful presents. But I never really knew what I wanted. Sure I wished for snowboard-and getting one started my passion for snowboarding (and I'm never going back to skiing)
and last year I wanted a mixer - for smoothies - and now I get those stupid carvings for green smoothie pretty often but I don't have the mixer here in Portugal with me - which sucks.

But most of the time I had really hard time finding what I really want.

and now, after being so  far away for one semester (not too long in a grown up world, but like Nick used to say - I'm still just a kid) ... it's ridiculously simple

I want family to spend Christmas with. And I have one pretty awesome. And after long time I feel at peace - because finally I realized I have all I want for Christmas. it's weird but beautiful feeling, knowing you really don't need presents to have Christmas.
I mean, everyone always says it, but we always hope to find those secret wishes under the tree, right?
 and this year I'll meet my secret wishes few days before Christmas Eve at the airport. this Christmas will be epic.
so truly - no presents needed - see you in Vienna soon.

PS: you can never have too much yarn

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