Jan 17, 2012

incense burner DIY

safety first: ALWAYS put the incense burner on NON-inflamabe surface and never leave it without supervision!

what you'll need:

only can from some canned food - without sharp edge (I used the one which you open by pulling the lid)
one can from energy drink or some soda can (which can fit inside the first can

when you pull down the paper from your can - there's usually a sticky layer of glue on one side - that's good, you're going to use that glue (if it's not there, you might want to use a stripe of double sided sticky tape)

2. stick one end of your yarn to the can and wrap it around all the way to the top (cutting the yarn in the place with glue so it won't unwrap)

3. cut your soda can in half and make little incisions on the bottom border - fold them outwards
then push the soda can inside the bigger can - thanks to the "wings" it should fit snuggly

4. use the opening in the soda can to secure your incense stick and make sure it can't move.

5. lit the incense and make sure it's top end is over the can - put it on a surface which is FIREPROOF
(if the ashes stick to the incense stick you can push it down with scissors, knife, matchstick, etc.)

enjoy - when it's snowing outside and you have to stay in your room studying it's nice to have some cinnamon incense at hand :)

/before I used to stick the incense into an old piece of bread - so this is huge improvement.. it would also make a pretty nice pen holder/

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