Jan 12, 2012

green smoothie

this is the first green smoothie I've ever made.
I know there are lots of recipes out there and it's nothing new, but if you didn't try one yet, then you should!

I've cut one banana into pieces, added a handful of baby spinach, some OJ and apple puree ...
and made this green monster.

/you can use any fruit you want - bananas are basic, but you can add any lightly colored fruit - if you keep it light, your smoothie will have lovely green color, instead of brownish purple/

next time I'd add a little bit of lemon juice.

it smelled like grass - freshly cut grass - and even though it's lovely smell, it's not entirely appetizing you know.. and it took me a while to get ready and try it.

it was thick and it has pieces of spinach in it.

I. Hate. Spinach.

I was already writing a blogpost in my head - about how unfortunate idea that was...

but you know what?

it tasted like strawberries - strawberries and something... it was SUMMER in a jar!

I'm officially addicted to green smoothies.


  1. The colors looks pretty but I still haven't been able to try a green smoothie. Maybe someday.

  2. Awesome! Definitely "pintrest" worthy so I can go back to it when I get a blender.

  3. It's a beautiful smoothie! I would be willing to try it.