Oct 5, 2011

yarn along - long time ago in africa...

this summer - in the middle of nowhere (central kenya) - while it was raining too much, I crocheted a pencil-case... just because... and everyone loves it :)


  1. I love it! LOL It looks like a lego :-)

  2. how cool!

    Did you make up the pattern or find one? I love the color


  3. Gosh, it is SO cute. I love it too! As a by note, I'm trying to get my 5 year old interested in vet studies - a little twisted I know - but I think she would suit the job. We read and watch James Herriot's All Creatures together often. I love it so much; beautiful countryside, great music, beautiful animals and such heart warming stories. I hope you have a beautiful evening. I really like your blog.Love Katie x