Aug 10, 2011


lil' bit of history:
-I remember my first year of uni - staying in dorms - me and my roommate, we always had full wardrobes of clothes, and boys always had just few tees and pants on their shelves and lots of empty storage place.
Their room looked much more organized (yet, it was smaller).

-I remember my summer in Africa where I used 4 tees and 2 pants and maybe one skirt, it was enough, even for playtime, for trips to the city, for fieldwork for kitchen duty and work in the shamba

I don't need even half of the clothes I have at home...

many many many bloggers did this - in one way or another, so I want to join the "trend" because for once, this could be a meaningful and useful trend, which will save some money and reduce the amount of waste on our planet.

also it will be easier to pack for college this way.

{random photo - because I really don't have any pictures of myself - which would be theme appropriate for this post - as I'm always the one behind the camera}}

{at one point this summer - I looked like this - yes, yarn braids -fun but it took forever to put them in}

WHY am I posting about it this soon? - yes, I'm planning to start in september but I wanted to give you guys some time to think it over and maybe join me?

here are the rules:


-no buying new clothes/shoes/purses...

-you can select 15 clothes +1 bag +5 accessories for 30 days
(after every month you can "exchange them" for another 20 items)

-handmade clothes don't count as "buying new clothes" - you can make as many new handmade as you want
(hint hint: knit, sew, crochet, be creative)

-socks and underwear don't count
(we don't want to force anyone to sacrifice clean underwear for tomorrow just to get one more skirt for this month - eeew)

-PJs, gym and home clothes don't count

{after taking out the yarn braids...I've decided to enjoy short hair as long as it lasts}

example for my September (might change):

- sneakers
-red jeans
-wide pants
- striped tee
-knitted vest
-knitted cardigan
-anatomy tee
-blue dress
-long-sleeve brown tee
-pink tee (yes, I admit I have a pink tee)
-red shirt
-blue tee

-my school briefcase

-Luna earrings
-green scarf
-gray scarf
-hat (for bad hair day)

...the rules are WORK IN PROGRESS - I have to think about it, maybe add new rules, change something etc. - all new ideas are welcome - let me know if there's something I didn't cover.

The plan is to do this for 1 year - starting september 2011, finishing august 2012.

-no new clothes=no new waste for the planet = money saved= more things to blog about


  1. nifty idea. I'm 100% sure I couldn't do it though!

  2. i'm with you on this of course. my clothing needs are even less then your own. i'd suggest we do the same with autos :)

    i'm now on year 15 with my jeep. i bought it new and it is certainly getting a little ruff around the edges - but at this point i do consider it to be my last vehicle assuming it's not totaled in an accident. i do need to put a little money into repairs but they never even compare to the annual expense of monthly car payments :)