Jul 10, 2011

eeek...lots of random stuff...

today, we had a big explosion of blackcurrant juice. Big cup fell down from my windowsill and sent a huge pink-ish wave over my bed, through the room, all the way to the opposite wall where's the bed of my sis.
In moments like this I wishI was drinking Evian like some celebrity.

can't imagine summer without these pants... seriously, they were the best purchase ever made (from Etsy)
I've passed my Biochemistry exam - FINALLY - it was a huge miracle... seriously, I needed it so much, and He did it, He let me pass the exam. God is God.
(BTW do you know that song? - by Steve Earle? God is God - great one!)

I'm studying for another Exam - not as tricky as Biochemistry but I only have 3 days for it... great, another stressful week...

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  1. Congratulations on passing your exam and good luck with your studies this week!