Jun 16, 2011

this and that

- I didn't write a decent post for a long time now - did I ?
and here's another one with little bits and pieces of my life
it's too hot to write something serious anyway...

-here's what happens to your faux-hawk when it grows out and you do nothing to it for a couple of days...
-right - I was "babywearing" Winnie all day at the zoo
-sis was here and we had fun...(I should have been studying all day but ...)
-I finished writing half of the pattern for the "washcloth for Africa" ...you'll just have to wait few more days for the finished pattern. it's done - if you want it I'll send you a PDF file, just leave me your e-mail address in the comment - if I don't have it yet.

(I will NOT publish the comment here if you include your e-mail address and will never use it for anything else than sending you the pattern)

-I'm pretty sure I need new glasses. I know I had an appointment with the eye doctor couple of months ago but...
-mom got me some Ovomaltine in Swiss - and let me tell you, it's all I've been drinking since sis brought it over here. That stuff is delicious - I'm never going back to the regular instant cocoa.

-did you know that...

{quote from this blog}

that.... a good thing right?
well, not so much if you're in love alone ...

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