Jun 30, 2011

things I'm lovin'

..these daysbutton2

all I do is listen over and over to this song:

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT (and learning to play it on my guitar... any idea how to do that? it doesn't sound like the song at all :P )

lovin' being at home
lovin' the fact that I'll go back to "school" tomorrow
lovin' raw milk and ice-cream for breakfast
lovin' having no more problems with falling asleep - as I'm so exhausted every night(early morning) that I simply pass out...

...and that's about it...


  1. always loving Bob, it reminds me of my Mr G.

  2. Thanks for joining in! You rock trying to learn it on the guitar. Have you tried googling it to get the chords?

  3. Great blog! Awesome song! YES to ice cream for breakfast!