Jun 13, 2011


* knitted my first washcloth ever (making my own patters - as always)

*studying for anatomy exam (and all the other exams)
*wishing I could drop everything and live the life I want to live
*studying for anatomy exam
*mixing cheap raspberry soda with energy drinks
*listening to "Ode to a nightingale" by John Keats
*having lots of bad-hair-days

{quote from this blog}

*solving rubik's cube a lot
*freezing bottles full of strawberry water=for strawberry "slushies" kind of

*thinking and rethinking and deciding and dreaming and wishing and finding courage to do what makes me happy in life. Because we all CAN do what would make us happy, it just takes lots of courage to make the first step.

I remember when we went bungee-jumping with sis and daddy. The man who set it all for us told me: "I can't push you, you have to make the step yourself" And I did it, and it felt beautiful. All it took was one tiny step, the rest was easy.

*also, since yesterday I'm no longer immune to Typhoid ( - yup, it's been 2 years yesterday since they poked my arm and I got vaccination for Typhoid and Yellow fever)


  1. Nice washcloth (love that color!).

    And I can't imagine you ever having a bad hair day. :)

  2. love the washcloth.

    I also love the quote....it oddly reminds me of Andrew Zimmerns quote- "If it looks good, eat it.".....ha!