Jun 5, 2011

I dream of...

... summer vacation with sis
... longer (at least 48hours long) days
... having just one year to do what I really want to do
(now, it makes sense- why so many people take a year off before uni)
... sharing my friday-night chapatti with my boys
... the feeling of (last) clean tee you put on after bucket-shower
... mama Nancy's chai
... walking barefoot again
... less studying, more life
... being happy once again
... falling in love (with the right one this time)
... marrying a man I love and raising our kids in Africa - teaching them about God and real life
... orange popsicles (sadly we don't have any)
... 10 hours long flight back.. (can you imagine how much knitting I could do?)
... keeping my hair short forever (but I'll grow it out again don't worry)

what are you dreaming of? - inspired by

4 Little Men and Girly Twins


  1. I dream, that you will be happy one day ... really happy ...

  2. I dream of summer vacation with you...and I soooo hate your st**id university...paradoxically, I wanna destroy it or what but I know at the same time, that if you really want to be a vet, this bad bad bad institution is the only way to get there...ohhhhh ;( how can I help you? how can I have this summer with you? love you.... domcika