Jun 28, 2011

did you ever feel miserable for no particular reason?

did you ever realize how none of your plans worked out in a long time,
and did you then go, take a big fluffy towel and locked yourself in the bathroom, taking long hot shower and having the biggest crying fit in ....let's say 20 years?

did you cry over everything?
I cried because I remembered how someone removed me from his facebook friends
I cried because sis had beautiful photos from vacation
I cried over school exams
I cried because this summer will be another summer spent inside, stressed, on the verge of tears while all my friends will be on vacation.

I cried because grandma's dog died - years ago - when i was little
I cried because I wasn't hungry in such a long time I can hardly remember the feeling
I cried because I could take long hot shower
I cried because I miss someone I love
I cried because I miss my kids - I love
I cried because we ran out of raw milk
I cried because world is crazy (in the bad way)
I cried because I don't have facebook anymore (but I don't want it back, not really)
I cried because shampoo got into my eyes.
I cried because I felt like crying.

and you know what? crying in shower didn't help at all. I still feel miserable.
crying only helps if you have someone who will wipe your tears and hold you and tell you everything will be fine - who will make sure it will be fine.

If you feel like love has failed you or you have never found that special someone, that is only your future partner's prayers working.


Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.



  1. I'm sorry you're feeling down. Unfortunately, I can relate. I hope you feel better soon!!

    Oh, and facebook is over rated. It just gives people a computer to hide behind while they act like jerks... at least that's my unfortunate experience with it. :( I actually feel a heck of a lot better not using mine.

  2. not really liking FB either. It was a great place to post photos while in Ecuador. I love this post. My daughter is 23 and was married for 4 years this month. Her husband came to her and said something that has rocked our world. Ive been wondering how this will look in a few years. I hope it wont still hurt.For her. For me. I am praying that one day she will find love again. Thank you for your post on my blog. I am knitting these socks very short so that I wont grow tired of them. Getting close in spite of that good thought! Remember that God stores up our tears, they are very important to him!!!! It all matters.... its all grace.

  3. Oh honey, this is such a sad but brave post....It is good to let emotions out, it can help you manage what's in front and behind you. But please remember that depression can hit in times like this. Depression is as common as a cold - if we just admitted it, silly stigma that doesn't belong in any place. JUst keep an eye on these feelings, you might need to talk to your GP.....oh and talking to the guy above helps too : ) Oh and girlfriends,and hugs and chocolate and doonas. xxxx

  4. sometimes I cry in shower ...