Mar 21, 2011

first day of summer

it's summer here.
no, not really, don't panic
I'm sure we'll get more rainy and cold dull days later
but for now it's summer
and I'm starting new tradition
of iced coffee in the morning

(patly because sometimes I just don't feel like washing microwaveable cup and also because I don't feel like standing by the microwave for a minute and also because it's pretty yummy)
today it's not iced because I someone forgot to put the milk into the fridge yesterday

I want to pack my backpack and go
I feel like flying somewhere
and not just somewhere
somewhere special
to the most special place on the earth
can you guess where?
-yup, you're right

and I want to live
and to be happy
and sew some dress for summer
I don't want to sleep all day
actually it was easy to wake up today
sun is shining
birds are yelling at each other from across the street

it's summer
and we're almost out of brown sugar

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