Feb 27, 2011

it's warm outside, not so warm that I'd leave my winter-jacket in the closet but not so cold that I'd regret leaving my winter-hat at home.
the air smells like mud - humid, yet dry from the sun, fresh and full of green. snow is melting and there are people everywhere - kids, grandparents, lovers, moms dragging bags full of groceries, dads running home from work - late for dinner.
for the first time in months, I didn't freeze to death at church, it was actually pretty comfortable in there, a little bit dark (after all the sunlight from outside) but nice.
the winter is finally over! yay!

I don't like it.

an attempt to take a picture together + there was supposed to be a lama between us, but the camera was too zoomed and...never mind...it was too cold back there to stop and take another pic.

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