Jan 27, 2011

by Neil Gaiman

“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.”

...and I have to agree with everything but the last phrase.
yes, it hurts, yes it keeps me from living Big, because love is all I can think about...
yes, it hurts, even at night when I sleep he's always there, in my dreams, in my heart, and it hurts, constantly.

yet, I can not agree with Neil Gaiman when he says he hates love. Yes, it's exhausting and after almost two years I can say that I'm so tired and my life-enthusiasm is almost gone, and still...

I never felt anything more beautiful my whole life. I love being in love, I love LOVE.

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  1. neil is a great master of words and he definitely make it! he described for what i was trying to find the right words for so very long time.. but the last sentence "I hate love" .. he doesn't. But most of all, I admire your approach :) best wishes and a bunch of good luck!! :)