Dec 19, 2010

First Christmas.

we went to church and Prince - because it was only two of us this week-end, but surprisingly, Prince's not important in this story. Wow, it's like, first thing in ages which isn't about him, but it isn't about me either so maybe that's the cause of the lack of Prince's importance here...

anyway...we went to church - big, ancient, cold cathedral in the middle of old town. and oh my it was cold. I could see my breath all the time. But it's ok, Christmas is coming and we have snow, so a little bit of freezing is a price we have to pay.

Christmas, that's all I want to talk about now..

There has been only one Christmas - the rest are anniversaries. ~W.J. Cameron

saw this quote somewhere one day and since then I keep remembering it on very odd occasions - like on the bus, in bed falling asleep, in the middle of the lecture...

and in our huge cold ancient beautiful church there's a statue of Mary with little Jesus in her arms and lots of golden paintings and angels and other statues around them. Each more beautiful than the other. And I couldn't help but wonder why He didn't have all this when He was born?
Why he had to sleep on a straw-bale and be kept warm with the breath of the cattle. Sweet little baby Jesus. But that's not true...He wasn't poor, He had all He needed. His Mom, His Dad and Joseph and all the Love of the world - because that's how moms love their babies - with all the love of the world. He was fine... you know babies, they don't need gold and crowds of people admiring them, they just need their moms and dads and people who love them. He had all He needed.

it's the world whom I pity. It's the world who missed a chance to be saved, world who missed Christmas and shut the door in front of their king.
King doesn't need our houses, king doesn't need our food, He has his Kingdom, His palace and tables full of milk and honey and fruits sweeter than caramel, He has all He needs, it's US who need Him.

That's why the Christmas was a sad day for the world, because world missed it, and we keep missing it every year, by covering our eyes with gold and artificial sweeteners while there's pure honey waiting for us, just outside our door.

so next time you see baby Jesus sleeping in a straw remember how happy He is and instead of opening your home for Him this Christmas, try to open your heart, because we all need Him in there.

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